Elementary 1:1 Initiative

1:1 Making a Difference in Elementary Learning
Many of our elementary teachers and students have had the opportunity to begin implementing technology into their classrooms this year as a pilot program.  Students in grades 2, 3, 4 and 5 have benefited from this opportunity.  See below how this technology access is impacting our learning.

Having 1:1 access has enhanced my curriculum by giving me the ability to differentiate instruction for my wide range of learners.  Having the ability to adjust curriculum with a few clicks allows such a wide range of learners to access lessons targeted specifically to their levels.  I also have the ability for quick assessments with results a click away.  Allowing for better small group work and easier access to assessment data ensures all my learners will walk out of my classroom with the skills to help prepare them for their futures.    
 2nd Grade Teacher
Angie Bogan

Using technology to enhance student learning is essential in every classroom.  My students are fortunate enough to have their own devices.  This allows them the opportunity to engage with the countless educational software programs available to us.  Our favorite program is Accelerated Reading.  Students can readily quiz over books after reading them.  They no longer travel to a lab or wait until a device is available.  AR, along with most other programs, allows students to work at various levels, developing skills unique to them.  As a teacher, I can use computer programs to facilitate success within every student.  From the basics of typing a word document to more challenging lessons like writing research reports, students are eager and willing to use technology to drive them to higher levels of learning.  I can conveniently assess them and adjust lessons to better suit their needs.  Teaching 1:1 offers both students and educators a convenience that could not be achieved in a traditional setting.
2nd Grade Teacher
Christy Schaefer

1:1 has enhanced my teaching in several ways.  The amount of access to information for my students at their fingertips is fantastic because I use our laptops for many different types of research across different subjects.  Having the laptops also allows me to give my students extra practice in subjects that they need through remedial programs and educational sites and games. Also, having the laptops available in my room at any time makes it so much easier to incorporate technology into everything I am teaching. 
 3rd Grade Teacher
Mandy Giesler 

Having 1:1 access in my classroom has helped enhance my teaching and my students’ learning in many ways. One particular way it has helped in my classroom is it has allowed for easier and more practical ways to incorporate higher-order thinking skills. As a result, my students are challenged on a more frequent basis.
 5th Grade Teacher
Chris Miller



This is my first year of having the opportunity to teach 1:1 with each student having their own computer.  It has made it so much faster and easier for us all to have access to programs that we use for learning…. without having to wait!  J  We use it daily for math and reading, as well as frequent use with research and for presentations of what we are learning. I am very thankful to have them, and I’m learning each day of more and more ways that we can use them to enhance our learning!
4th Grade Teacher
Sheila Oliver