Middle/High School

RMHS Phone:  765-379-2551

  First Name Last Name Position/Department Email Phone Ext
 aldridge Heather Aldridge Special Education haldridge@rcsd.k12.in.us 237
 Back Stephen Back
Physical Education sback@rcsd.k12.in.us
 Barrett Kaitlyn Barrett English kbarrett@rcsd.k12.in.us 109
 Blackburn Jill Blackwell Instructional Assistant jblackwell@rcsd.k12.in.us 121
  Clay Bolser Athletic Director cbolser@rcsd.k12.in.us
 Bowyer Tom Bowyer Mathematics tbowyer@rcsd.k12.in.us 103
 Brown Nicole Brown Instructional Assistant nbrown@rcsd.k12.in.us 121
 Davis Jesse Davis Agriculture jdavis@rcsd.k12.in.us 249
 Dunn Cory Dunn Physical Education cdunn@rcsd.k12.in.us 321
 Dunn Shann Dunn Mathematics sdunn@rcsd.k12.in.us 238
 Fife Tracy Fife Secretary tfife@rcsd.k12.in.us 305
Gaines School Councilor kgaines@rcsd.k12.in.us
 Geheb Chad Geheb Social Studies cgeheb@rcsd.k12.in.us 107
 Gick Michael Gick RHMS Principal mgick@rcsd.k12.in.us 302
 Glover Marla Glover Mathematics/Science mglover@rcsd.k12.in.us 113
 Good Joel Good Band jgood@rcsd.k12.in.us 105
 Goris Irma Goris ECA Treasurer igoris@rcsd.k12.in.us 315
 Griffin Christina Griffin Science cgriffin@rcsd.k12.in.us 114
 Griffin Dale Griffin Agriculture dgriffin@rcsd.k12.in.us 248
 Hart Amanda Hart Family and Consumer Sciences ahart@rcsd.k12.in.us 242/244
 Haynes Paul Haynes Spanish phaynes@rcsd.k12.in.us 233
 Hedde Tom Hedde Mathematics thedde@rcsd.k12.in.us 104
Phyllis Hodson-Hutsell English/Theatre phutsell@rcsd.k12.in.us 246
 Holford Shawn Holford Instructional Assistant sholford@rcsd.k12.in.us 237
 Homco Judy Homco Athletic Secretary jhomco@rcsd.k12.in.us 301
 Huffer Royce Huffer III Science rhuffer@rcsd.k12.in.us 239
  Colleen Jacoby Guidance Secretary cjacoby@rcsd.k12.in.us 305
 Johnson Jill Johnson English jjohnson@rcsd.k12.in.us 111
 Johnston Sherri Johnston Intense Needs sjohnston@rcsd.k12.in.us 121
 Kavanagh Sarah Kavanagh Choir
 Lawrence Jodell Lawrence Library Assistant jlawrence@rcsd.k12.in.us 200
 Matlock Denise Matlock
Attendance/Study Hall
dmatlock@rcsd.k12.in.us 106 
 McIlrath Cheryl McIlrath Social Studies cmcilrath@rcsd.k12.in.us 243
 Painter Marcus Painter Media and Instructional Technology Specialist
mpainter@rcsd.k12.in.us ​200 
 Phelps Adam Phelps Special Education aphelps@rcsd.k12.in.us 235
 Ploughe Beverly Ploughe English bploughe@rcsd.k12.in.us 110
 Priest Mike Priest Mathematics mpriest@rcsd.k12.in.us 102
 Remaly Beth Remaly Instructional Assistant eremaly@rcsd.k12.in.us 305
  Ryan Smith
Dean of Students
rsmith@rcsd.k12.in.us 306
 szabela Amanda Szabela Social Studies aszabela@rcsd.k12.in.us 241
 Thomas Brian Thomas Science bthomas@rcsd.k12.in.us 115
Ben Underwood Data Specialist/Technology bunderwood@rcsd.k12.in.us 101
Wikman Wynn Wikman Art wwikman@rcsd.k12.in.us 245
 Wilson Joel Wilson Science jwilson@rcsd.k12.in.us 112
 Wiltse Tony Wiltse Spanish twiltse@rcsd.k12.in.us 234
 Woodruff Megan Woodruff Director of Student Services mwoodruff@rcsd.k12.in.us 247