Ed Foundation


The Rossville School Foundation is a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit organization whose mission is to Unlock the Future for our children by encouraging and assisting public education in the pursuit of excellence.

We Raise Funds for:

Scholarships (3 $1000 per year)

Classrooms (Teacher gifts given twice per year)

Teacher Grants awarded each fall.

Academic Banquet sponsorship

Our foundation has raised over $190,000 since 1995!

Rossville School Foundation

Terms of Offices and Officers

2020-2021 Officers

President- John Spear Secretary- Jodell Lawrence

Vice President- Lisa Larhman Treasurer-  Audette Taylor

Asst. Treasurer--Jeff Oliver


Lisa Lahrman

Jackie Frey

Sandy Weaver

Matthew Miller

Sharon McGill

Jodell Lawerence

Rhonda Burkle

John Spear

Doug Brovont

Karyn Rodkey

Linda Martin

Ex-Officio- Permanent

School District Superintendent – James Hanna

High School Principal- Terry Thompson

Elementary School- Chad Dennison

*Elementary School Representative-Alishia Maish

*High School Representative –Cheryl McIlrath