Attendance Protocol

We have updated our attendance reporting procedures for the new school year. In the past we asked that parents send a note in with their student upon returning to school from an absence. However, this has been a cumbersome tracking process and led to several absences going unexcused. We have set up an attendance extension for RMHS parents to call and leave a recorded message notifying the school of their student's absence. We are asking that parents call the school at 765-379-2551 extension 318 by 9:00 am on the day of their student's absence and leave a message stating: their name, their student's name, grade level, and the reason for the absence. Our attendance secretary will beginning contacting parents after 9:00 am of any student who has been marked absent and whose parent has not  notified us of this absence. 

As with any change to procedure, we understand there will take some time to get used to this process. Thank you for understanding our need to update this protocol.